5 Summer Staples

Every season you can find that one accessory that your outfits will revolve around and this summer it’s no different! If you are ring obsessed or need to layer all of your accessories Murphy Pitard Jewelers has what you need this summer season. This summer embraces a bit of Y2K fashion, colorful stones and delicate designs when it comes to jewelry. Take a look at some of our summer staples that will make any outfit fashion forward.

Murphy Pitard Signature Collection Double Strand Bracelet

When one thinks of summertime there is always the thought of a water adventure. Whether it is dinner by the waterfront or a bonfire in the sand, the water tends to call. Bring ocean fashion to your everyday style with this freshwater pearl and aquamarine double strand bracelet. The gemstone of the sea will leave you dreaming of cool waters and sunny skies.


Ela Rae New York City Hoop Earrings

As we mentioned before Y2K fashion is in full swing and what’s more trendy now than hoop earrings? Mean Girls had it right in that early 2000s cult classic movie! Although you won’t need Regina George’s approval to wear these stunning gold hops glittered with cubic zirconia pave style. Make this your vibe this summer!


>Shy Creation By The Yard Necklace

Show off your summer tan with rose gold. Simple and easy to layer, this rose gold necklace features .28 carats in diamonds that catch the eye. This necklace makes for a perfect summer staple to pair with any outfit!


Kaspar and Esh Chevron Stackable Band

You might already have some serious sparkle on your left hand, but why not add more? Ring stacking is the hottest summer trend! This ring is easy to pair with others but with enough diamonds to stand alone as well. No matter the hand you can treat yourself to a new staple ring.

Kaspar and Esh Chevron Stackable Band

Gabriel & Co. New York Necklace

Even though the days are longer in the summer there will be plenty of elegant evenings to dress up for. When you want to stand out without overdoing it this summer this diamond pave interlocking circle necklace will be just what you need. Remember the key to this summer is understated simplicity and with a pendant like this you won’t need much else to command attention.


This summer is one where we are all excited to spend many days out in the sun and nights out on the town. Making up for lost time has brought back many nostalgic fashion ideas. Don’t stray too far from what you love and choose a staple accessory that will spark joy with Murphy Pitard Jewelers.