Our Team

Amanda Pitard

Owner, Graduate Gemologist

"I came to the jewelry industry by default, really, through marriage. I was a physical therapist who fell in love and married a jeweler in 2000, and the rest in history. I came to Murphy-Pitard one fall afternoon in 2001 to help answer the phones and never left. Perpetually with a thirst for knowledge, I started studying about gems and fell in love for the second time in my life. I consider my career at Murphy-Pitard a high calling. Our customers trust us with their family heirlooms, and they depend on us to help them commemorate life’s most intimate and beautiful moments.  Even after all of these years, I get excited to come to work, to educate our team and our clients, to advise our customers through the purchasing process, and to use our resources to build community."

Wildflower Pope

Office Manager

"I began my journey with MPJ in February of 2014. My official title is Office Manager, but like any other family, we learn and grow together. Even with over 25 years of customer service and retail experience, I learn something new every day. Our days are filled with love, laughter and sometimes tears. Our MPJ family is passionate about helping people create memories to last for generations. We are driven by excellence and integrity. Every member of our team is knowledgeable and skilled, bringing our best to give an experience that creates trust and loyalty."

Teri Beth Brumley

Sales Manager

"I am the sales manager for MPJ! I started working here in February of 2017 as a sales associate. From then on, I became a part of the best work family, as well as starting a family of my own. I’ve always loved working in customer service, so adding diamonds to my job is a plus! I have 14+ years of customer service experience, along with 8+ years of retail experience. I strive to never let my customers leave without smiles on their faces. Helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to cherish forever has become the passion of my day."

Jessica Sellers


"I am the accountant for Murphy-Pitard, as well as our sister stores, Lauray’s the Diamond Center and Goldstein’s. I have been crunching numbers for the stores since November of 2020. I was a newly stay-at-home mom when Amanda found me and asked me to come to work. I have loved every minute of my job and the people I work with. Most of the time being an accountant is boring, but not with this job!! From community events to store events to the ebbs and flows of the jewelry industry, Murphy-Pitard is an exciting place to be."

Hattie Baker

Sales Associate

"I returned to the jewelry industry as a sales associate for Murphy-Pitard in February of 2022, but I actually began in the jewelry industry when I was 16, taking my first after-school job with Antoon’s Jewelers in El Dorado. After high school, I moved to Fayetteville for school and worked in several other industries until my partner and I decided to move back home as we began our family.  When I came to Murphy-Pitard inquiring about a job, I was very pregnant. Amanda and Toddy allowed me to work part-time as a way to test the waters, and I was fortunate enough to fall in with this amazing group of fellow jewelry lovers! Aside from working with customers and jewelry, I also take care of the plants at MPJ because I have a green thumb! Ask me about Samantha and our venus fly traps sometime."

Patrick Turgeon


"Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a jeweler. Growing up, my brother-in-law owned a jewelry store, so I would spend my free time learning at his store and getting to see all the things that went into working with jewelry. I chose MPJ because they have a great reputation, and their reputation is my reputation which is highly valued."

Charli Parker

Social media content creator

I’ve been working at MPJ for a year now, and have learned so much in that time. When I started here, I was just looking for a summer job, but I quickly fell in love with this place and all the people here! I take all of the pictures and videos you see on our social media and our website! I have grown so much in the way I see details, along with the way I think about taking pictures. I love being creative with the ways I photograph jewelry, and I’m constantly trying to find new ways to look through the lens and showcase the incredible things we have here at MPJ. Plus, being behind the camera has always been my favorite place to be!

Lauren Smart


I started working part-time at Murphy-Pitard in November of 2020. I am a hairstylist by trade but have been a stay at home Mom since 2011. The opportunity came for me to work with all of these wonderful jewelers and I jumped on it! I look forward to the days that I get to spend with them. I enjoy helping customers find the perfect piece of jewelry to invest in.

Gaby Layne

Marketing manager

Hi I am Gaby and I am the Marketing Manager for MPJ and our sister stores. I am originally from Guatemala but I’ve lived in El Dorado for 15 years, making this my home.  Even though the jewelry industry might be knew to me, marketing and design are not, I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. I am very excited to bring my knowledge and creativity to the table and be a part of this fabulous team. When I am not working, I love spending time with my husband, friends and my precious little puppy, Javi.