Custom Jewelry Design 101 With Murphy Pitard Jewelers - Part 2

What Is the Custom Design Process?

It all starts with your idea. Whether you drew it on a napkin or found different pictures online, you can bring that idea into Murphy Pitard to begin your consultation. Not every jewelry store has designers who have the right experience to create custom jewelry, but we do! Talk about your desires and how you like to incorporate your idea into a unique piece.

From there, your custom designer will create a jewelry rendering with the approved sketches. Altered to perfection, this photo-realistic image is made to meet your expectations before the next step. Once approved by you, a 3D wax model is made to ensure that the design renders correctly into an accurate model.

Finally, your dream gets made into reality! Shined and polished to perfection, you will have the new custom piece once it passes our quality inspection. We want you to love your new jewelry item, so understand that we will make sure it is up to the Murphy Pitard standard.

What About Redesigns?

Sometimes the piece of your dream is already within arm’s reach. With just a bit of tweaking, an item that you already have can be transformed into something new. Bring new life into an older piece of jewelry that you may have forgotten you owned. With a brief consultation, our designers can re-make it into something that you can’t wait to wear every day.

There are plenty of beautiful treasures to choose from at Murphy Pitard Jewelers, and the piece of your dreams might already be on display. But if it isn’t, then know that we can make your design idea a reality! There is something special about having an item personalized and uniquely designed for you, which is why we urge you to tell us all about it.

Contact our jewelry store in El Dorado, AR now to schedule your custom design appointment. We can’t wait to create your dream piece of jewelry!