Murphy Pitard's Million Dollar Diamond Event

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

“Diamonds are forever.”

There are so many ways that a diamond has been labeled as the perfect item to give a loved one. This year, Murphy Pitard will be bringing in a million dollars in diamonds for you to shop for three days! This is where you need to be if you are looking for the most stunning engagement ring, a unique wedding band, or if you are ready to upgrade the diamond that you have right now. With this fantastic opportunity, take a closer look at what we can accomplish together:

Engagement Rings

This will be the best time to look at all the diamonds and ring setting possibilities with the help of a trained professional! Every diamond cut, carat, clarity, and color will be there for you to explore for just three days.

Find a solitaire engagement ring like this Gabriel Bridal white gold round diamond. Perfect for a bride that loves the more traditional-style ring.

Ring Settings

Maybe the perfect center stone is already in your possession? Whether it was passed down, or you came across it when you least expected it, we have options for you. You can find the perfect setting at our Million Dollar Diamond event that will suit your diamond perfectly, such as this Murphy Pitard Signature collection setting. This ring setting is made to accent a round diamond engagement ring. Plus, all engagement ring settings will be 20% off!

Wedding Bands

Her engagement ring has been on her hand for six months already, and as you start to approach the big day, your wedding bands are the next big purchase. Although traditional wedding bands don’t have diamonds, there is nothing like adding that extra sparkle to your bride’s hand on the big day.

Shop diamond wedding bands like our Murphy Pitard Signature Collection bezel diamond band. This wedding band is unique in style and comes with elegant diamonds for a stunning stackable look.

Upgrading Your Diamond

You’ve already had the wedding or the anniversary, and your diamond means the world to you. There is something exciting about coming in and making that already gorgeous diamond just a little bit bigger! No matter where you purchased your diamond originally, Murphy Pitard will buy it back so that you can get an even larger diamond! The funds that you get for your diamond will go to a shiny, new one and save money in the process!

Whether it’s for a ring, pendant, or earrings, there is always room for growth with a diamond. Because memories, love, and families grow over time - so why not do the same to that glittering diamond!

Join us from March 11th to the 13th to shop a collection of diamonds like no other. Since we can’t travel, we are bringing Antwerp to you for an event that will take your breath away! Book your appointment now and start your perfect diamond journey!