Wedding Bands That Speak Louder Than Words

When it’s all said and done, the rings exchanged during weddings echo your spoken vows for eternity. Through the storms of life, your wedding bands are an outward symbol of your enduring commitment in marriage. Because of this, selecting wedding bands is a significant decision. At Murphy Pitard Jewelers, we have a strong passion for helping our customers discover rings that capture their binding love. Join us as we share inspiring ideas for you and your partner to consider as you discover your forever wedding bands.

Complimentary Diamonds

Gabriel and Co Wedding Band

One of the most traditional places to start when it comes to exploring wedding bands is the engagement ring. For a dynamic pairing, explore bands that showcase the same diamond shape as your engagement ring. If you said “Yes!” with a design like this Gabriel & CO Round Diamond Engagement Ring, consider a band that features a round diamond. We love this radiant 14-Karat Band Featuring a Single Row of Round Diamonds. If you and your partner are looking to tie your bands together, consider custom jewelry design. This is an endearing opportunity to create complimentary bands.

Yellow Gold Classics

Diamond Rings

For many, the classic yellow gold band speaks volumes. Especially if you’re someone who isn't accustomed to wearing jewelry, consider this approachable style. Or, elevate the timeless look with a modern design. The gold inlay in the Lashbrook Zirconium Yellow Gold Band is a refined twist on the classic band. Dark steel is the backdrop of the gold ribbon we know and love.. For women, one of our favorite choices is the 14-Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Shared Prong Band. This quintessential style continues to withstand the test of time.

Sapphire Statements

Sapphire Diamond Rings

Symbolizing faithfulness, sincerity and health, the deep hues of blue sapphire are a remarkable addition to bridal rings. This contemporary trend is a stunning statement and an undeniably unique touch. But sapphires are only the beginning. Incorporate any color of your choosing into your wedding band and take the traditional all-diamond engagement ring to a new level. The electrifying blue in the Lashbrook Cobalt Chrome & Lapis Band is one example of how men can create an authentic band. To stay the course of tying in the color blue, the 14 Karat Band with Alternating Round Diamonds and Sapphires is one of our top picks.

Anniversary Additions

Diamond Rings

For those already married, anniversary bands are a thoughtful gift to celebrate your lasting love. With anniversary bands, the sky is truly the limit. Modern trends invite women to grow their band collection in creative ways, from a double row of diamonds to a bold setting of four round emeralds like this 14 Karat White Gold Emerald Ring featuring 4 Round Emeralds. Contour bands are an exciting genre to consider, too. A 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Tiara Contoured Anniversary Band will instantly change the symmetry of your ring finger.

Start Your Search at Our Spring Ring Event

As you prepare for your big day, we hope these inspiring ideas help you navigate your wedding band decision. If you’re ready to begin your search, head on down to Murphy Pitard at 201 North Jefferson Avenue. If you have any questions, give us a call at (870) 863-8818. We look forward to seeing you!