Celebrate Your Big Day the Southern Way

It’s no surprise that down South, we are all about tradition. As you have probably heard, hospitality is our forte. Upholding a kind and welcoming atmosphere is something we value, especially when it comes to big celebrations. Planning a wedding is the perfect way to let loose and embrace your inner southern charm. So, grab a glass of your favorite sweet tea and nestle up on the porch swing to read on about Arkansas' famous wedding traditions.

Bury the Bourbon

In most southern states, you’ll find an excited bride and groom burying a bottle of bourbon at their wedding venue exactly one month prior to the ceremony. As local legend has it, this tradition will prevent bad weather from rolling in during the big day. To do it right, take a full bottle of bourbon (no sneaky little sips) and bury it in a special spot upside down. Make sure the place you choose is somewhere you remember. On your wedding day, dig up the hidden bourbon and toast with your loved ones celebrating beside you.

Cake Pulls

Another fun tradition centers around the bride and her bridal party. Sterling silver charms are attached to strings and baked into the wedding cake so that the bridesmaids can take turns pulling their luck. Before the bride and groom cut into the cake, the bridal party has to pluck out each ribbon to reveal a meaningful charm. Common charms are used with each symbolizing something different. An anchor signifies adventure, a wishbone brings success, a heart invites new love and a ring means you are next in line for marriage. This tradition is a great way for the bride to express gratitude to her bridesmaids and wish them well on her wedding day.

Groom’s Cake

The ritual of the groom and his men having a separate wedding cake originates from England and dates back to the Victorian era. Back then, it was typical to have a fruit cake with dark colors to contrast the bright white on the bride's cake. Now, modern groom's cakes range in style, although they typically resemble a favorite hobby of the groom. Another aspect that makes this tradition so special is that the cake is typically made by the bride herself and presented to the groom as a gift.

Forever After With Murphy-Pitard

As with any tradition, adding your own unique twist will make it more sentimental. So, whether you build your special day around these Southern traditions or choose to incorporate a few that are close to your heart, Murphy-Pitard is here to make sure you have the perfect glimmering ring or piece of bridal jewelry to start forever off right. When it’s time to start planning for your big day, visit us at 201 North Jefferson Avenue. We can’t wait to see your wedding dreams come true!