Holiday Jewelry Designs

Many holiday songs are probably taking over your day as a reminder that you need to get the perfect gift for your significant other! What immediately will come to mind are other crazy shoppers trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other as well. With everything that has happened in this year alone, we don’t blame you for wanting a more hassle-free shopping experience. With that being said, you can take a quick look online at some of our amazing pieces for her or make an appointment to come in comfortably to look at the pieces you find. To make the holidays even easier, take a look at some of our favorite pieces that will leave her speechless.

Shy Creation Diamond Bezel Necklace

Sometimes simplicity is key. If you have a loved one that is always on the go, give her something that goes with everything, no matter the destination. This Shy Creation pendant gives her the sparkle of a diamond with the romantic style that comes with rose gold. Tell her ‘I Love You’ without having to say a word.

shycreation bezel necklace

Gabriel Bridal Sapphire and Diamond

Winter wonderland is all around you, and with the magic in the air, you might want to do a little magic of your own. An engagement during the holidays might seem a bit over the top, but if your future bride can’t help but want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest, then this is a perfect time! Pop the big question with a ring with sapphires to remind her of the winter wonderland proposal.

gabriel sapphire ring

Kaspar and Esh Chevron Starter Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets have been in style for so long, and they aren’t going anywhere. Although they aren’t mentioned often in fashion magazines, there is something classic about these bracelets that many can’t help but love. Give a modern twist to this coveted bracelet with a snake chain and signature chevron of Kaspar and Esh style.

kasparandesh bracelet

The holidays aren’t meant to be stressful, but we can’t help but get a little frazzled when thinking about getting the perfect gift. Shopping with Murphy Pitard Jewelers, you will find that the perfect gift is just a question or search away.