Custom Jewelry With Gemstones

The holidays bring in a certain sense of creativity. Carving pumpkins, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and all the Christmas decorations have you pushing your imagination. Gifts spark joy for you and the receiver, but when you make something that reminds you of that person, it gives it a more personal feel that makes them feel like you didn't just look in the discount bin. Creating something that is all them through and through means that you took the time to appreciate everything that they mean to you.

Custom jewelry is an exquisite form of expression where you turn all of your ideas into something completely original. There is no need to stick to whatever we have in stock if what you're looking for isn't there. Although there is such a wide variety of jewelry for you to choose from, that doesn't mean that the specific ring, pendant, or even earrings you are looking for are there for you to buy.

If you have a whirlwind of ideas to choose from and aren't sure how to put it all together, bring it in so that we can help you through it! Our experienced professionals will walk with you through your thought process and figure out what you do or don't like about each idea. From there, they will create a 3D sketch of the design to give you a visual of how your one-of-a-kind jewelry will look. Afterward, a wax model will be made for you to see how it will look in real life before the final piece is made.

But don't stop at the design! Get creative with different metals and gemstones! Find out the different meanings of each gemstone so that you can give them more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry this holiday season. Bring peace to the soul with a blue sapphire, or showcase your love with a rhodolite. A gemstone can come with so much meaning and lets them know each decision was made with a purpose.

The holiday season is more than just giving a gift to the people you love. It's about getting together and remembering that through it all, you still have each other. Here at Murphy Pitard Jewelers, we have always held that true to our hearts, which is why our custom jewelry is made with care. We want to make sure that each piece is a straightforward design of what you are looking to accomplish while understanding that each design has a special meaning. Come into Murphy Pitard Jewelers to talk to a professional, and let's get started on your fantastic gift journey.