Jewelry Appraisals

Your jewelry is valuable to you no matter the cost because of the sentimental value that it posses; because of that, you should protect it as best you can. While it is priceless to you, it is vital to remember that the value of precious metals and gems is continuously changing due to market conditions. That means that taking a closer look at your jewelry could make you some extra cash. Having an appraisal done to your jewelry means that you can get the maximum value for it if you so choose to sell. 

However, if you do not wish to sell your jewelry, there is still a reason for the appraisal. An accurate assessment is important because if your pieces are ever lost, stolen, or damaged, your insurance company will refer to the appraisal document to settle any claim. You could also have this handy to determine your jewelry's authenticity for estate and tax purposes, divorce settlements, donations, and loans. There are plenty of reasons why seeking an appraisal for some of your treasured possessions is essential.

Just like having an accurate appraisal is essential; understanding why an outdated appraisal is terrible is just as important. Having an obsolete appraisal could result in you being under-insured, and that itself could cost you thousands of dollars. 

Your appraisal should be updated every three to five years, not including when you first buy the piece of jewelry. Whether or not you are sure of which of your jewelry needs to be appraised, it would be beneficial t bring it all together. At $90 per hour for items not purchased from us, you could talk to your insurer in no time.